Jan Jacob Mekes launched Pre-Orders!

Jan Jacob Mekes, also known as Haggis, has launched pre-orders for his newest book entitled “Mothered”.

What’s a huh?
“Barbara, Eric, and their aunt Beryl lead a quiet life on an idyllic island, untouched by time and the war between the dystopian Maternopole and Overmere, which has cast a dark shadow over most of the world around them. Everything seems about to change, however, when Eric finds out about two girls on the mainland asking for help, throwing the island and its inhabitants into a maelstrom of uncertainty.”

Pre-orders can be acquired via Smashwords, Flipkart, iTunes and Barnes&Noble

Apart from the awesome book, Mr. Mekes has also launched a super-mega-awesome site which will mesmerize you with it’s simple yet futuristic look – www.mekesbooks.com. We definitely recommend checking it out. There you can keep in touch with him and all his books and creations. (or, if you ever wondered how he looks like in real life, check out the picture at the bottom).

Best of luck to our favorite author! (right after Tolkien, Rowling and Howard Shore… who writes musical notes.)

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Mihai scores Hamlet role in Theatre Play

A while ago, Mihai auditioned for the main part of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. He got it and nailed it!

These are a few scenes which we’re sharing with you. Pardon the editing and colors, the dim-lit theatre is not ideal for filming so we did the best we could.

English subtitles are on their way! Until then, here’s a tip: it starts with “To be or not to be…” 😀

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Get Struglend Tales at half price!

It’s that time of year again. That time when you get utterly bored and are looking desperately for something fun to read. Well, do I have a deal for you then: Struglend Tales (you know, that brilliantly funny and epic fantasy story everyone loves) is 50 percent off this month at Smashwords! If you want to get the e-book version of Struglend Tales for a ridiculously low price, all you have to do is go to Smashwords and purchase it . Don’t forget to enter the code  SSW50 at checkout to get your discount! This offer is only valid in July, so don’t wait too long!

Oh and, in case you were wondering “What does this have to do with SilverWolfPet?” …I was the editor on this project 😀 I think you’ll enjoy it!

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