Secret Plustard Clip got Bronze in Sir Charlie Darwin Movie Battle!

We can’t post it yet, but a short, non-canon clip that we made won the Bronze (third place) in Sir Charlie Darwin Movie Battle Film Festival! 😀 Wow! What a long title!

You will get to see it soon enough. Right now, we’e focusing on the Transylvanian Diamond.

Big thanks to Laur for helping us out. 😀

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Plustard Nominated for Best Comedy Film at Fifes Film Festival 2014!

Indeed, “Inspector Plustard and the Fallen Groom” was presented during the festival and was nominated (or “acknowledged” as they put it) for “Best Comedy Film” at the 2nd edition of Fifes 2014!

There were over 100 movies shown, apparently, and only about 6 winners. Still, an “acknowledgement” is and “acknowledgement”, right? 😀


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New Statistics and Tiny News


Yes, you awesome people! How are you? 😀

We’re okay, working working working, and we have some new statistics for you. It’s not much but you all know how it is, bit by bit, scene by scene.

Here are some quick stats on how much we have filmed so far and it looks like we might have an entire episode ready by the end of June!


We had two very long, very exhausting weekends in which we filmed more than any day on the Doctor Who Fan Film. The shots we got worked very well and we’re editing them now as we speak.

You can see one of the screenshots in the header. You know, posting news without spoiling stuff is difficult. However, we might have something really cool to share with you in the upcoming days. :) Stick around!

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Fallen Groom Trailer

We kept saying that we should make one… and now we did.

It’s not the perfect trailer, since we never planned on it, but it will be useful.

Why? Because some festivals require trailers. 😀 Yup, we’re sending Plustard, finally, to festivals! Got any recommendations? What do you think?

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Filming a crime scene…

…is harder than it seems. SO many little, tiny shots for the audience to see and be in awe at.

We cannot show you a new screenshot of the crime scene because, well, obvious spoilers. So we’re just gonna put a nice picture from our previous shots :) Hay, it’s still nice! We could let that space there empty. But we’re not. We put picture. Embrace picture.

..Okay, back to work.

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