Filming a crime scene…

…is harder than it seems. SO many little, tiny shots for the audience to see and be in awe at.

We cannot show you a new screenshot of the crime scene because, well, obvious spoilers. So we’re just gonna put a nice picture from our previous shots :) Hay, it’s still nice! We could let that space there empty. But we’re not. We put picture. Embrace picture.

..Okay, back to work.

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Filming Continues on Plustard

Well, here we are again! After a long-deserved break, we’re resuming filming!

We cannot show you as much as before (meaning, less spoilers in pictures), but we will continue posting each week after a good filming session.

The scene today was tougher than usual due to a little bit of French involved, however.. our actor did brilliantly. Looking forward to work with him on the next scenes too. Yup, new actor, fun and awesome!

Stay with us until the end, because we’ll get there. Yes, we’ll get there! :D

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When The User – Episode 3

Let’s see what happens on Rudy’s date!

Go HERE to find out! (scroll down)

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Top 10 Adventure Games till 2013

Everybody loves adventures.
Some live them in various ways through books, music, mountain climbing.. while others create such thrilling escapades themselves in various art forms.

Today we’ll talk about adventure games. The games are not rated based on their genre, but on the sense of discovery and oh-my-God-what-is-going-to-happen-next feelings that they give you. Jump with me and let’s explore!

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