Jul 28, 2012

Approved but denied

Remember when I told you that Nicu went out of his way to get approvals for us from the Mayor’s Office? Well, guess what… they finally approved our requests.

Why don’t I sound excited? Because they asked for $550 to let us film where we needed. That is more than I make in TWO months at my full-time job. We tried explaining that we are amateurs but they still refused, despite the fact that we wanted to show the nicer places in Romania to an international audience.

So, we’re back to square one, sort of. I do have a solution, though:

I know I said that we won’t be using effects anymore in this movie but we have no other way. We’ll just make a simple digital set-extension for the “Look, we’re in France” scene. As for the cemetery, we’ve found a place outside our city. As far as we’ve been told, the cemetery there is private and belongs to the local church. Let’s hope they will help us out.

We’re really sorry for postponing filming, guys. We could shoot it all on a greenscreen in one day, but it would take months to edit it all out. And it would look awfully fake.

We’re doing our best. So far, the movie has had a $40 budget and we just can’t afford more than that. I’ll keep you guys posted. Wish us luck!



  1. John Wain Says: July 28, 2012 23:37

    That’s too bad… Romanian authorities were never helpful, unless they get something in return… Hmm… awful people, these… and to be thinking I went to the same high school as the mayor!

    (So would you like me to ask for an audience? Maybe us going to the same high school will soften his heart, though I much doubt it. Or if I tell him I voted for him? Or anything???)

  2. Livia Says: August 17, 2013 00:30

    I recently visited Berceni cemetery during a work day, it was 40 degrees and nobody there but some stray dogs and some security guards. A couple of beers and a bone or two might get you in…


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