May 17, 2013

Ask a Monkeyologist – S02E07

Huge thanks to Adam Harrington, the best trailer-voice-guy we have ever worked with! See Adam’s youtube channel here and listen to the awesomeness.

Dedicated to our friends, with a special dedication to Daniel (Eventus/GraverOne) who, relentlessly, wrote to us asking about the next episode of Kauff, every month, for two years. 🙂

The reason why it took so much to launch this was partially technical (our editing program kept crashing due to the different file formats, making it incredibly frustrating to work on the episode) and partially filled-with-guilt. Heh, well, in a manner of speaking…

We’ll do our best to keep the series going, but it will not be weekly. We’re sorry.. the Plustard project is a bit more important to us.



  1. Daniel (Eventus/GraverOne) Says: May 17, 2013 15:46

    Anytime again 🙂 Hope i didnt go on your nervs in the last two years ._.

  2. dumpling321 Says: May 17, 2013 22:48

    Oh man, I don’t even remember recording some of those lines =)


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