Ask a Monkeyologist - The Game

Well, what are you waiting for? Give the DEMO a shot! 😀


(right-click, choose Save Link As…)

After download, just unrar it.

If you don’t have WinRar, go here and get it.

NOTE: The game looks better in Windowed mode. To play it like that, just double-click the “winsetup.exe” file and choose “Run in window instead of full-screen”

To play, double-click Kauff.exe. To quit the game press ALT+X

The rest should be intuitive, including the verbcoin… Just click the left mouse button while hovering over an interactive object to trigger a list of actions. Select the action and THEN let go of the button.

You can switch between Kauff and Gustav at all times by clicking on their face, in the lower-right corner. Good luck!

Secret: You can finish the game in two different ways.


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