May 13, 2013

Mihai won Best Breakout Performance for Johnny!

Though it was already semi-official, you can now listen to the actual Award Ceremony over at our collaborators’ website, Non-Productive.com. Way to go, bro! You can also listen to the snippet of the ceremony here: Best Breakout Performance Award – Mihai Constantinescu as Johnny If you, for whatever reason, missed our Pilot Episode of Inspector […]

March 23, 2013

Fundraiser ended!

Happy news! The fundraiser was a success, from our point of view. 😀 Thanks to all you awesome people, we managed to raise (after indiegogo took its share along with paypal) around $390-$410, which is brilliant! We plan on keeping you updated regarding our purchases, while trying not to spoil important elements of the movie. […]

January 13, 2013

Full Season Perk

Special Thanks to Mircea Goia for helping our project! Mircea just grabbed the FULL FIRST SEASON of Inspector Plustard and the Transylvanian Diamond amongst with a ton of other personalized goodies! Mircea also was the awesome journalist who wrote an article about us in one of Romania’s biggest papers. Check it out here! It’s in […]

January 01, 2013

Survey results!

Happy New Year! 😀 Let’s hope that 2013 will bring us more epic stuff, happiness and health, in reversed order. Now, for those who are wondering, here’s our feedback on the feedback you gave us through the survey we posted some time ago. Enjoy!