Aug 30, 2015

Broken Tripod Cancels Filming

Inspector Plustard looked curiously at the object in front of him. He signaled Johnny to come and take a look.

“Johnny,” the inspector said, “why is this tripod broken?”

The white-haired fuzzball rubbed his chin in deep thought. “Well,” he said, “remember how we used this tripod in every single film we made for the past 11 years?”

Plustard acknowledged. “So it is dead then, hm?” he asked, shaking his head. “Well what about the filming that we prepared for today? What about the team of 6 people who are waiting for us to start? What about the days of preparations.. and the fact that we are literally in the middle of nowhere after driving for so long and… the provisions and… everything?”

Johnny shrugged. “We’ll just try again some other time.”

“But, Johnny, all those wasted hours… the dirt, the dust, the way we tried to work in this heat… all that for nothing?”

The assistant nodded. “Yup… back to the drawing board. As always… For the fans.”

Plustard agreed. “Oui… for the fans.”


After about 10 years of filming, finally our trusty tripod broke. 🙂

We’d like to thank our friends and collaborators for helping us out as much as possible today. We are really sorry and we apologize for not having the best equipment out there. We’ll do our best next time!


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