Apr 04, 2016

Doctor Who Fan Film Sequel in the works

Yes, we’re making another one. 🙂

Mihai and I have tossed around some ideas and we’re basically convinced that we can make something at least as good as the first fan film that we’ve made. The story may or may not be a continuation of the first one, but either way we’d be doing it for fun.

In case you missed the first one, for whatever reason (where were you??) here it is: LINK

The main problem would be related to locations. I think that a forest could be an interesting place to film (and, apparently, so did Steven Moffat for the 50th anniversary) and we might tackle that. An idea popped into Mihai’s head and it is really, really interesting. Something that, as far as we know, hasn’t been done before on Doctor Who.

Another issue we must overcome is my Doctor’s look. Plustard is obviously a bit overweight and, in order to make Doctor Who Fan Film 2 I would need to get thinner. Coincidentally, the script for Plustard season 2 might help with that (can’t say anything about it though) so we think that a good time to start Production on DWFF2 would be sometime during Plustard filming.

That being said, our main focus right now is finishing up Season 1 of Plustard. We really want to catch up with you guys and be able to offer a lot of cool things that we’ve been holding onto for years, such as the Lord of the Rings making of… but that’s a story for another blog post 😀

Until then, what would YOU like to see in Doctor Who Fan Film 2? Give it a comment and, who knows, you might inspire us to make it even better.



  1. Thunderfang_ Says: April 4, 2016 20:55

    Oh my god guys. I cant wait for it! When will you guys be finished? End of 2016? Start of 2017? Either way, Im always gonna be a huge fan. Good Luck.

    • Wolfy Says: April 6, 2016 16:23

      Thank you! 😀 We’re in very early stages of pre-production and script building. We don’t like to rush things, in general, so we try not to mess things up with a half-worked project.

      That being said, we have tossed around various ideas, all of them really really good, and we’re still trying to find something to go with that would be easy/fast to film and easy/fast to edit. Otherwise, we won’t be able to go on parallel filming with Plustard and Doctor Who.

      The actual filming will probably begin between Season 1 and 2 of Plustard. So basically, when you see Plustard Season 1 being launched, you can assume that we have started production on the second Doctor Who Tribute. 🙂

      The ONLY reason these things take so long is narrowed down to the locations. If we can get locations, we can film, otherwise we just have to keep searching and to wait for opportunities to show up. Think about it… Season 1 of Plustard could have been filmed in 4 months, yet we’re in our 5th year of production. Yep.


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