Mar 18, 2016

Edited the first 10 minutes of Episode 1

As we already announced, Episode 4 is done and waiting patiently for it’s brothers. 🙂 Now we are focusing our attention on Episode 1. Filming has been postponed due to extreme weather conditions, but that doesn’t mean that we’re sitting idly by! Nooo Sir!

While it’s raining, we crank up our speakers to cover the sound of thunder and edit away at Episode 1. The intro and first 10 minutes (out of an estimated 20) are finished. By that, I mean, the pieces are put together and we now see the pacing of the story. Further editing, effects, color correction, music, sound effects and audio balancing are still necessary, but so far so good.

You may be wondering why does the header-image of this post show a greenscreen background. Well, I think it is a wise decision for now to give it all we have, be it greenscreen or not, so we can move forward with the filming. Otherwise, if we keep waiting for that perfect location to drop by, we’ll never finish this project. So CGI it is, sorry about that, we don’t wanna go George Lucas on it.. but, not having George’s budget, we have to compromise.

That does not mean the movie will be predominantly greenscreen. If you want statistics, I estimate about a 4% use throughout the entire Series 1.

It may be a little bit early to make a prediction, yet I feel like we might finish Episode 1 before the rest. Keep your fingers crossed and wish us luck! No, really, hop to the comments section and leave us a good message! It always reminds us of the reason we are making this effort. 😀 Thanks!




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