Jul 10, 2012

Epic announcement!

We have some good news and some neutral news.

Good news:

I dunno what hit us, but we just managed to FINISH the entire script for ALL 12 EPISODES from the upcoming Inspector Plustard Series!!! First draft, of course… but it’s finished! Let’s see some statistics running:

Inspector Plustard and the Fallen Groom
(Pilot Episode for the Series)

Script——————–100% Complete
Filming——————-50% Complete
Editing——————–44% Complete

Current estimated launch date: 20th of August 2012

Inspector Plustard and the Transylvanian Diamond
Script finalization per episode

Episode 01—————–100% Complete
Episode 02—————–100% Complete
Episode 03—————–100% Complete
Episode 04—————–100% Complete
Episode 05—————–100% Complete
Episode 06—————–100% Complete
Episode 07——————100% Complete
Episode 08——————100% Complete
Episode 09——————100% Complete
Episode 10——————100% Complete
Episode 11——————100% Complete
Episode 12——————100% Complete

Estimated Date of Finishing Scripts: Finished!

Estimated date of starting-to-film-this-thing:
As soon as we launch the pilot episode!

As you may have noticed, the neutral news is related to delaying the launch of the pilot episode. Due to the fact that some of us have jobs, including myself, we just cannot afford to film in every single weekend, especially when the heat can physically harm our equipment. Sorry about that but, hey, you can clearly see that we’re working on it!

I mean, look at the newest pictures of Filming Day 3 riiiiight HERE!


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