June 13, 2012

Catching up on Statistics

At the old site, we used to post statistics from time to time, so you can get an idea on our projects’ development. Here’s the newest stuff on Plustard with estimated launch date included! (click on Read More)

June 10, 2012

Preparing to film again!

Hey guys! Glad you like the new site! 😀 So now we are preparing to film another scene for Plustard. We are missing some key props but we hope to find them in time. Also we will need approval from the people who own the place (argh, trying to avoid spoilers!). We’ll let you know […]

June 07, 2012

Doctor Who Fan Film Won FIRST Place!

The Phoenix Comicon 2012 Festival has named our movie “Best Fan Film”! Woohoo!! You can see the WHOLE movie, for free, riiiight here! CLICK! We’re very excited, this is our first trophy! Just to make sure we covered all the questions, no, we did not win any money. It’s a FAN film. 🙂 Once again, […]