Apr 13, 2016

Filming Day – Singing in the Fields

You may have already seen the pictures on Facebook, but we didn’t really get a chance to talk about it. As you’ll probably notice, we’ve kept quite a good schedule up on the site, posting content daily for your reading/viewing pleasure.

Keeping you updated is our main priority now and this is what we’re doing. After all, some of you supported this project financially and it’s only natural for you to be aware of our actions. As a general sidenote: we remember each and every reward that we promised to share with our supporters, and we will – once they are ready to be shared. 🙂

We went out a few weeks back, filming the first song of our Series, which proved to be a challenge. While having fun and running across the fields, we did encounter the police once or twice, telling us off or just staring menacingly at us.

You see, while we weren’t doing anything illegal, the fact that we were making a movie made a lot of people anxious. It is not a common thing to see here – a filmcrew, costumes, people laughing etc.

Therefore, we had to be very careful when picking and choosing our filming locations. After finishing up a lot of “field-stuff” we only had to film a tree and a fence. Two separate shots. That was it.

Well, apparently, finding a legal-to-film tree is very, very tricky, especially if the type of tree that we required had to be of a certain thickness and height. All in all, we traveled about 50km more than we planned in search of a “copyright-free” tree that fit the bill.

Regarding the fence, we had to ask special permission from a couple of fence-owning people. Despite the fact that the actual filming took 3 minutes, the police was already parking their vehicle next to us, eyeing us carefully.

Good thing we finished all the shots – we’re pretty sure that we can’t revisit that part of Romania anytime soon, as they probably printed Wanted Posters with Plustard and Johnny’s faces by now. All in all, a good experience. Thanks to our awesome driver, Octav, and for all the help with the camera and the shots setup. Couldn’t have done it without you, buddy.

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