Oct 28, 2012

Finished Production on “Plustard and the Fallen Groom” – Launch Date Announced

YES! Yes it is true! A few hours ago we just finished the production of the 40 minutes Pilot Episode of the Plustard Series, entitled “Inspector Plustard and the Fallen Groom”.

The episode will be separated, from a story-arc point of view, of the other 12 episodes from the series. It has twice the length of a normal episode (2 x 20 minutes) and it focuses on a single case.

The launch date of the Pilot Episode is December 20th 2012. That is 20 – 12 – 2012.

To show our appreciation towards the fans who helped us along the way by donating through our site, we will privately send them a super secret link to the episode a few days earlier than the launch date. It’s the least we can do 😀

Fear not… the fun doesn’t stop here. We remember how some of you liked our Doctor Who wallpapers sooo we made some Plustard wallpapers especially for you! We made them for 16:9, 16:10 and 4:3 desktops, along with Mobile Phone versions and iPad versions. You can grab them from the gallery below or from THIS ARCHIVE that includes all of them!

…now, Post-Production awaits… time to edit this thing once and for all!



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