Mar 23, 2013

Fundraiser ended!

Happy news! The fundraiser was a success, from our point of view. 😀 Thanks to all you awesome people, we managed to raise (after indiegogo took its share along with paypal) around $390-$410, which is brilliant!

We plan on keeping you updated regarding our purchases, while trying not to spoil important elements of the movie. First thing first, we bought new wigs for Johnny and a special material for the Lord’s vest. We’ll update you with pictures and all the good stuff!

Second, we will start sending out the “Fallen Groom” soundtrack to everybody who donated at least $30! The personalized clips will be filmed as soon as the wigs arrive!

Once again, we thank you all for your help! We’ll do our best to make this project as cool as possible. We already have filmed materials for our upcoming vlogs so keep watching!


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