Mar 02, 2014

How much would you pay for Inspector Plustard and the Transylvanian Diamond?

Dear friends and fans,

We just finished filming a huge scene that took two whole days to film (approx. 20 hours of filming in total). I honestly don’t remember how I got into bed last night and my brother hasn’t woken up yet (it’s 1:00 PM now over here).

It was surprisingly difficult and it got me thinking.. will all this be worth it in the end?

“Of course it will,” I said to myself. “The fans will love it, especially THAT scene where *spoiler spoiler spoiler*. Sure, you got bruises all over and nearly fell down an entire flight of stairs, but look how good it looks on camera!”

Inspector Plustard and Johnny looking out window - SilverWolfPet

…then I remembered that this is our first project that will be sold both locally and internationally. Depending on the sales, we’ll be able to afford making Season 2 even better/bigger! We are curious regarding how you guys see this situation.

For those who don’t know or forgot, “Inspector Plustard and the Transylvanian Diamond” is a Series of 12 Episodes (~20 minutes each), equivalent to the length of two big cinema movies. It has a story-arc that develops throughout the episodes and it does come to a conclusion at the end.

It features original songs, a complete soundtrack (which will be available separately too along with the instrumental versions of the songs), a full cast of new actors and scenes shot “On Location” here, in Romania.  The format will most likely be completely digital (MP4 files, no DVDs or Blu Rays), in Full HD, and it will be sold along with a special Making Of feature for the fans that wish to have that as well.

Of course, the awesome fans who donated through Indiegogo will receive their respective Episodes for free when they will be launched (and the extra goodies that they got). The episodes will be launched  one / week, during three months (12 weeks). Actual release date is unknown so far.

You can choose more than one answer:

How much would you AND could you pay for Inspector Plustard and the Transylvanian Diamond?

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We encourage you to write in the comments your OWN price, should ours not suit your preferences.





  1. Tolpiwan Says: March 3, 2014 13:19

    Well, it kinda looks like you’re thinking about using Kickstarter (or simiilar), so why not go with the relative standard:

    1 Dollar for general donating if you like the project but don’t know whether you wanna buy it (maybe get a postcard or even the first Episode for sampling)
    5 Dollars if you want to be a small part and would like to have the first couple of episodes
    10 Dollars if you’d like half of the episodes (possibly + a postcard or some other extra like a signature or so)
    15 Dollars for half the episodes + postcard, signature and maybe a making of (some extra)
    20 Dollars for the whole season
    25 Dollars for the whole season + postcard, signature and maybe a making of (some extra)

    and so on and so forth – You guys know best what you have and can give away and what you might think is a reasonable price per package. I hope my idea helps or at least does not hinder. ^^

    LG Tolpiwan (Kauf: “GUSTAV!!!” – Gustav: “KAUFF!!!”)

    • Wolfy Says: March 3, 2014 14:04

      Thank you for the feedback! 😀

      We already had a Kickstarter (actually Indiegogo) campaign. We were just wondering how many of our fans would be willing to buy extras (and for how much). Also, if people would rather get the whole season or just a couple of episodes to see how it is at first.

      That being said, the fans seem to split between those who will grab the entire season… and those who’d buy episodes for 3 euros / episode tops. 🙂 It’s good.


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