Mar 10, 2013

Johnny and Plustard go to the Phoenix Comicon Film Festival!

Faaaans!!! Been a month, sorry it took so long to update our site. But, BUT, flank, but… we’ve been busy!

As you can see from the title, “Inspector Plustard and the Fallen Groom” has just been OFFICIALLY SELECTED to participate in the Phoenix Comicon Film Festival!

Last year, we had our Doctor Who Fan Film: How to Stop a Timelord participate and it won “Best Fan Film”! So, what’s the bigger deal in this? Well, Johnny™ and Plustard™ will go full force this time because they are 100% original characters! (notice the little TMs… we always liked those)

Moreover, during these past 33 days, we talked and planned and figured things out regarding our following shooting sessions. We have a confirmed cast for “Inspector Plustard and the Transylvanian Diamond” and you can actually check out our new IMDB page. 😀 (no photos yet, it costs about $35 to submit a single photo! It’s crazy!!)

The rest of the cast will be added later. It is bigger, better and we have more than one girl! We consider this a success. ^^

Also, look forward to a very quick release of a making of video (a week, tops). So, we’re back in action! We will update you guys regarding our purchases for the 12-episodes series aaaaand we’re excited to be back in full force!

Good things, no, BETTER things come your way!



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