Dec 26, 2012

LAUNCHED!!! – Inspector Plustard and the Fallen Groom

Yes! We launched the Pilot Episode!!!

You can see it if you click on THIS LINK!

Inspector Plustard and the Fallen Groom - Poster - Pilot Episode - SilverWolfPet

Poster designed by Andrei and Mihai, created by Vicentiu Roman (click here to see other works of this awesome artist! Thank you, Ezio!)

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  1. Eventus Says: December 26, 2012 23:50

    Saw it on YT and the only thing that I can say is this: “I WANT MORE!” This was brilliant!!! Superb work and as i was saying: It was the waiting time worth!!!! Very good work, again. I will not spoiler the other viewers about the Content, but let one thing be said: Don’t ever stop making such awsome und funny stuff!

    greets from Daniel aka GraverOne at Youtube^^

    • Wolfy Says: December 27, 2012 04:16

      Thank you! 😀
      If you “WANT MORE”, please share it with all your might! Every extra dollar means one “MORE” for you! ^^

      • Jasmin Says: December 27, 2012 06:26

        You did it! I couldn´t sleep and was once again visiting your site and… o.O you finished it!
        Very epic, I will watch it again with Dimi tomorrow!!! That was a nice surprise for me, you guys really deserve the seafood!!!! xDDD


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