May 13, 2016

Mihai’s Storybook #1 – The Thief & The Writer

Hello everyone! I got something special for you today. A story! Something I’ve been keeping all to myself for some time, but now I decided to share with you. 🙂

I had often thought up interesting short stories and wanted to make a collection at of them. Looks like my sleepless (but productive) nights will actually pay off. So, let’s get started!


The Thief & The Writer

Once upon a time, before all the stories and fairy tales, there was a writer. He always wrote in a leather notebook all kinds of stories and legends that popped into his head. Every time the young man was walking through the village, he was stopped by random strangers and asked to read a tale or two.

One day, a thief from the village, being bored of stealing golden plates and fancy foods, thought of snatching the boy’s book of stories in order to entertain himself. He kept trying to grab it but to no avail. A couple of tries later, the young writer caught him red-handed and recovered his book.

The robber, sly as he was, said that all he wanted was a story. He asked the writer to tell the most fantastic and captivating story, fit for the “king” of thieves. The boy was astonished at such a request. After a moment, the writer said “Alright. I will tell you a story that is to your liking, but give me time to write it down until tomorrow.” The thief agreed and disappeared in a crowd of people, off to seal something else.

The next morning, the young man and the thief met just outside the village. Before the sneaky robber even had time to utter a word the writer handed the notebook to him and left without any explanation. Confused, but excited for the gift, the thief rummaged through the older stories. Page after page, the impatient robber searched for the tale written specifically for him.

Getting closer to the end of the written pages, the man’s eyes fell upon the title “Book thief”. It seemed appropriate. Continuing to read, he noticed that there were only a few lines: “Once upon a time, a famous outlaw, who lived through incredible adventures and stole from kings and queens alike, stumbled upon a mysterious notebook filled with interesting stories. Wanting to contribute to the collection, the thief started writing the incredible story of his life, starting with … “

The rest was blank.


What did you think? Wanna read more? Well, we will upload one story every week so keep an eye out! ^^


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