May 20, 2016

Mihai’s Storybook #2 – Lost time

Hey there! I’ve got another story for you today. It’s an old one but I believe it’s fitting for some people in our modern age. I hope you enjoy it.

Lost time

There was once, some time ago, an old man who lived in a forgotten forest. One day, Death came to him and said that tomorrow, at noon, he will come for his soul. The man thanked Death for letting him know in advance.

The following day, the two met at noon, just as planned, but the old man said that it was not fair. The remaining time he had from yesterday had been lost, not getting the chance to use it. Death helped the old man look around for the misplaced time but to no avail. The black-hooded spirit offered an extra day, to ensure that the human lived his last day as he wanted.

The next day, Death came back but was met with the same response from the old man. The time he had had been misplaced.

The taker of lives felt cheated but, for the sympathy he had towards the old man, gave him another day.

At noon in the following day, Death came determined at the house in the forest, ready to take the old man’s soul. He was surprised to see the human distressed and in tears.

“Why are you crying, old man?” asked Death.

The man looked up and said: “I cry because every time I tricked you in giving me another day to live, you left me alone when all I wanted was to spend the day with you. And now I feel that these extra days really were a loss of time.”


What do you think? Ever felt like the old man before? Let me know in the comments! ^^


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