May 27, 2016

Mihai’s Storybook #3 – Never left

Hello everyone! I got a new story for today. It’s a simple and cute one that I hope will spark your imagination. 🙂


Never left

There was once upon a time a traveler named “I”. He always liked going from place to place, seeing new sights and people along the way. There wasn’t any specific location he was planning to go to, no person that he wanted to see. The end of his journey was so far away, not even I knew where it was.

On a sunny spring day, I met a stranger on a windy road. The man looked old but, considering what he was carrying, was very strong. On his back was an entire house! A two story home with smoke coming out of the chimney. I was left speechless. 

When the two got face to face, I tried to greet this strange old man, “Hello good sir!” 

The elder nodded his head but didn’t speak, a smile nested on his face. 

“Excuse me, but why are you carrying that house?” I asked, trying not to sound insulting in any way. 

“Oh! Well, you see,” the man started, “I am going on a journey. I don’t really care where I end up but I want to be prepared for anything. Therefore, I am bringing all my things with me.”

The younger man pondered on the answer he was given. After a short moment, he asked something else. “But, isn’t the point of traveling getting out of your comfort space? Going to see and experience new things? If you have your home with you, it’s like you never left.”

The man with a house on his back said “No, no. Traveling means SEEING new places. Besides, whenever I grow tired of this, I can just go home and be done with it.”

I tried to understand the old man’s point of view but couldn’t fully comprehend it. Just as the burdened man was getting ready to leave, I got an idea. “Excuse me!” I started saying. “Please, take this.”

“Yes? What is it?” he asked, turning around and grabbing a piece of paper I handed to him. With a smile, the young man replied: “A map of the world, sir. Now you have seen it all.”


Well? What do you think? Let me know in the comments. I am always interested in feedback.


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