Jun 03, 2016

Mihai’s Storybook #4 – Another Day

Welcome ladies and gentleman to another story-post-event with me, Mihai! This one is a bit of a doozy. It’s more of a test to see how such a story would be received by an audience. Try to keep an open mind and have fun.


Another Day

There will be once upon a time, a child. He will have a father of iron; strong and brave, and a mother of silk; fragile and gentle.

The child will one day leave his family home to find his purpose in life. Going to the creature of Life, he will ask what will be his purpose. Life will answer that she does not know but, perhaps, the creature of Ages will have the knowledge the young man will seek.

Reaching the Ages, the child will ask what the purpose of his life could be. Just like Life, Ages said that it does not know but, perhaps, it will be Death the one who will know.

At one point, the young man will arrive at Death with his unanswered riddle. After hearing the question, the dark spirit will say “Well, you are looking in vain for the answer, your time is up.” The child will be astonished and ask him for the meaning of his words. Death will explain “The purpose of your life was to find a purpose before getting me up. But now that you are here, it is too late.”

The boy then will become a thin book with blank pages, scribbled only at the corners, and be placed in an immense library. The new addition will have a similar appearance to all the other thousands of books. A gentile whisper will be heard, addressed to the former child “You too?”


What are your thoughts on this little story? Do you see a hidden message or just some random ideas? Tell me in the comments. I am interested to hear from you.


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