Jun 24, 2016

Mihai’s Storybook #7 – Flowers

Hello! Nice to see you all again.

This story came to me one night at around 3 AM. Let’s see together if it has some charm to it.


There was, is and will forever be a small green patch of fertile land in the center of the planet. In that space there grew four flowers of incredible beauty.

The first one had a vibrant red color, glowing as fire and with a temper to match. Its only wish was to spread the warmth it had with the surface of the planet. Although the crimson flower was the only one of its kind who managed to reach the skin of the world, the only gifts it left where light or passion.

The second flower was golden, spreading courage and good will. Wisdom was its mantle. Following its brother’s example, it tried to offer something to the surface world. After careful planning and preparation, the gift of complexity and introspection was sent through the earth, with the hope of finding a suitable home.

The flower of a most ethereal blue wanted to play a part as well, just like the others had. Even if the power of the third flower was no match with those of its brothers, this shy-blue being had much to offer. From the depths of the world came a song that touched every corner of creation. It added meaning to the very sound of silence. Besides the beautiful melody, it cried tears of joy that created the rivers and oceans of the surface world.

The last gift given to the upper realm came from the elder flower. Its color had long faded from memory and yet the imagination and creativity it held bared no limits. The forth flower wanted to spread the seeds it had created. Filled with wisdom, creativity and kindness, they would forever prosper on the surface world. Unfortunately, the older did not have the strength to send the seeds up and the younger flowers did not agree to help.

True to its nature, an idea came to the grey flower’s mind. Grabbing one seed and changing the shape, it created a new form. One that had legs to travel as far as the eye could see and arms to hold tight to the home it had made. The last and most important thing the clever flower added was a head with everything needed for the seed to orientate itself. Before sending its child on the long road to the surface, the flower said “May you always look up and see where you’re going but remember to look down to see from where you started.”


A bit charming, if you ask me. Let me know what you think in the comments. I love reading other people’s opinions.


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