Jun 19, 2013

Mihai’s Top 10 Adventure Movies till 2013!

Hey! It’s Mihai. πŸ˜€

Without further adieu, let’s see My Top 10 List of Awesome Adventure Movies. ^^ …after the jump!


10- Inception

Just goes to show you how cool a story can be if it takes place in someone’s head. :p Even if the story is a bit weird and complicated at times, I just liked how the environments varied and how the story evolved.

I still think that the main character made it out okay, no matter what the viewers thought really happened at the end of the movie. But still, it’s my opinion, go see for yourself (if you haven’t seen it already), it’s one of those movies that leaves you guessing “was it real or not?”.


9- Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

I remember after seeing this film being “I want to be a pirate, I want to be a pirate! ^^ “.Β  Jack Sparrow was the most awesome pirate in the world! This film was fun and epic, making everyone cheer for the bad guy because… well, everyone in that movie is a bad guy! ^^

What else is there left to say then: There be a good movie! πŸ˜‰


8- Back to the Future

Doc Brown: We need to go back!

Marty McFly: Back where?

Doc Brown: Back to the theater to see our movie, again! πŸ˜€

I’m still surprised of how this movie still makes me laugh at some moments although I’ve seen them so many times before. It’s nice to see how going back and seeing it again made me relive some awesome moments. If the expression “good comedy never dies” is true, this movie is immortal. πŸ™‚


7- Indiana JonesΒ 

This guy is just Awesome! ^^ Any single one of his movies are very well made and the rhythm of the action takes you in very fast. I am starting to believe that he survived that nuclear blast in a fridge, because his body has been kicked, punched, crushed to pieces and smacked around so much that now his bones are replaced with titanium! XD

The first three movies were very well made and the music is just so memorable that you (the reader) will start humming it right now! Don’t deny it. ^^

P.S. About the last film… Seriously?… Aliens?… Who knew that E.T. could time-travel? :p


6- Harry Potter

Such a long story but a brilliant one at that. The characters are very well created and the environment is absolutely fantastic, who wouldn’t want to go to a castle as a school where all you do is magic?

These movies made a Hogwarts student out of me, making me read about magic and wizards. Gandalf would be proud. :p


5- Sherlock Holmes

This film was just how I would like to live and be when I grow up! πŸ˜€ (excepting the “being rude” part). Awesome detective story and believable characters, the Sherlock Holmes movie is a real tribute to the original character from the books.

P.S. I know that in the books, Sherlock is a gentleman.


4- Batman: The Dark Knight

Never have I seen a better actor than Heath Ledger as the bad guy in a movie. The two reasons why this movie is so high on the list are as follows:

1) The Joker was made dark and cool, and he had a real message for the world: “Everything burns!”.

2) It was filled with action with Batman, some very scary moments with the Joker and heart breaking moments with Harvey Dent.

The Dark Knight is one of the most epic movies in the Batman-movies history.


3- Star Trek (2009)

It was very surprising to know that the future will be dominated by lens flare effects. XP

Ensign Chekov: Captain, I detect a large amount of awesomeness in this sector!

Watching the Star Trek Next Generation series made me a fan of this sci-fi world. When I heard that the movie was based on the original characters of an older series, I was very eager too see it.

This is a brilliant sci-fi movie with some very well choreographed action moments that can draw in newer audiences to see the older series. Fun for all. ^^


2- The Lord of the Rings

This trilogy is what made my childhood. Awesome characters with well made personalities, a symbolism in objects, gestures, locations and images, a good combination between action and rest also combined with brilliant music and lines of dialog. At the end of the journey you can say that you were there, in Middle-earth, fighting side by side with all the characters.

You can’t resist not saying one of twice, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS! “! XD


1- The Hobbit: An unexpected journey

I know, you are probably thinking: “Wait, that’s still a Lord of the Rings story, that doesn’t count.” To which I reply: “It’s MY List! XP ”

But seriously, this movie is just something… I mean… it is… so much more! Just seeing the Dwarves in their natural way of being through the eyes of a hobbit is absolutely brilliant! Besides the fighting and stunning locations, just seeing each dwarf’s personality makes you wish you were there, fighting with them or just being part of their company. Not to mention the fact that Gandalf is so much funnier than in the LotR movies.

P.S. Radagast is my favorite wizard right now. ^^

Well, that’s it folks, my Top 10 Best Adventure Movies. Feel free to comment or suggest more movies that I haven’t put on the list. I’ll let you know if I’ve seen them or not. πŸ˜€


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