Jul 23, 2012

Never cook and talk to epic people at the same time

Remember Thorsten? (Also known as Suro?)

He’s a friend and epic movie-maker/programmer. We worked together with Majus and Mihai on some epic tributes back when Tales of Moneky Island was launched.

Well, just a few moments ago, I started cooking and talking to Thorsten at the same time. Ahem… let’s just say I was very impressed by a new effect he showed me. Evidence of me being impressed shown in picture above.

Thorsten is also helping us with some behind-the-scenes editing on Inspector Plustard. You should check this guy’s facebook and make sure to keep an eye out for his upcoming projects 😀



  1. Suro Says: July 23, 2012 20:17

    I actually feel sorry… 🙁
    I’ll make the nex tthing I show you a bit crappy! I promise!

  2. Jasmin Says: July 24, 2012 20:28

    What was it suppose to be? (the food)

    • Wolfy Says: July 25, 2012 00:36

      Hi Jasmin! (I really need to reply to your e-mail! …it’s just… this JOB! …argh!)

      I was making Chicken in pomegranate sauce! 😀 Super good!


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