Oct 01, 2012

New Plustard Pre-Production Vlog #2.5

Woah, it looks like it took ages for us to make another one. We’ll explain why, along with how some people are nice and want to help you out (like the people who let us film in certain locations that they own) and how most people just won’t help you… at all… unless you have money. It is frustrating, sometimes, to know that you could’ve finished a project a long time ago but, due to the lack of funds, you’re stuck with waiting for an opportunity.

We’ve got a bunch of behind-the-scenes goodies for you to see. No spoilers.

Also, we wish Cosmin (our best cameraguy) a speedy recovery since he’s been feeling a bit ill lately. I don’t blame him… I almost went nuts with nothing to film for such a long time. Here’s to the END of this project, which is closing in bit by bit.

We filmed today. TWO more scenes to go, guys… just two.




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