Jul 15, 2012

No filming today

Eeeyup, no filming today or tomorrow either. We have to get some papers signed. Why is this so complicated? We’re amateurs, we should get this kind of approval a lot easier.

In other news, since we didn’t film at all, I focused on editing what we have so far. It’s coming together really neatly! The only problem might be that I miscalculated the overall length of the movie.

You see, it’s all about timing. A good joke has perfect timing and… well… I can’t just kill that effect to make the movie shorter. If I need a 10 seconds space for a line to hit just right, I WILL use that time. We were aiming for 20 minutes… so far, it seems we’ll hit around 35. I’m going to rewrite some scenes and cutout the less-than-funny jokes to shorten it up a bit.

All in all, the pacing seems fine. We just hope that our type of humor will be shared with you awesome people. 😀 If you have any questions, fire away!



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