February 16, 2014

Mihai scores Hamlet role in Theatre Play

A while ago, Mihai auditioned for the main part of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. He got it and nailed it! These are a few scenes which we’re sharing with you. Pardon the editing and colors, the dim-lit theatre is not ideal for filming so we did the best we could. English subtitles are on their way! Until […]

February 07, 2014

Fallen Groom Trailer

We kept saying that we should make one… and now we did. It’s not the perfect trailer, since we never planned on it, but it will be useful. Why? Because some festivals require trailers. 😀 Yup, we’re sending Plustard, finally, to festivals! Got any recommendations? What do you think?

February 02, 2014

Ten Days of Filming

Dearest fans, We successfully completed 10 days of filming for Inspector Plustard. That is almost double the time we spent on the Doctor Who Fan Film: How to Stop a Timelord. A very nice owner, Mr. Ruse Tudor, of a very nice restaurant, DACIA ROMANA, helped us with the location today. Along with the young […]

November 25, 2013

On the road again – Plustard – Statistics included

It’s quite difficult trying to show you guys different things without spoiling anything. 🙂 Here’s a quick shot we did. Also, for your joy and glee, here are some statistics of the overall progress. Please remember that we are not talking about a single episode here. We are filming 12 whole episodes at the same […]

November 06, 2013

Johnny’s Hair – Poll

Hey friends! All is well here, filming is continuing as it should… but we have a quick question for you. You see, Plustard mentions that Johnny has “a few black hairs, here and there, including the eyebrows”. Apparently, some folks missed that line in the Pilot Episode, and keep telling us that “Johnny’s black hairs […]