Jan 31, 2015

Plustard Update! – Episode 4 Complete


We have some good news and some less than good news, but then some good news again! So hold on tight!

First of all, thank you for sticking with us. The 12 Episodes of Plustard are still in Full Production Mode. 🙂 Here is a little image that will show you how much we have advanced in the past months. The Dark-Red signifies the amount of filming that took place since our last update.


As you can see, we actually have one full episode finished and ready to render. We are now adding in the final little details that will make it look epic. After that, we will render it aaaaand… move on to working on the next ones.

We cannot release the episodes as we are finishing them, of course, and our intention is not to tease you in any way. We just thought that you might like to know that things are actually starting to shape up.

If you look on the chart again (not sure if it IS a chart, but let’s just call it like that :D) you will notice that Episode 5 is also very, very close to completion. We can tell you that it only lacks two scenes and a few audio files for it to be ready. After we’re done with Ep.4, we will focus on Ep.5


The reason we were not able to get anything done for episodes 6-12 is a rather discouraging one. Unfortunately, due to various circumstances, the actor that was portraying “The Lord” left the project. This happened quite a while ago, which set us back a few important scenes.

The role is a difficult one to play and we are confident in saying that our newest crew member is doing the job right. We shall withhold his identity for now. The project was more affected by the loss of scenes that now had to be re-shot with the new actor.


In other news: We are also happy to tell you that we managed to get Fifi (Corina) to join us once more. You may remember her from our Lord of the Rings 1 parody where she played “Galadriel” (Galatasarai). We also had a brief shooting with some new actors that joined the crew, summing up to 11 wonderful people currently working on the project.

Horace and Leopold

We warmly welcome Florin Cretu and Andreea Antonescu, officially this time, as they are getting ready to film. Florin has worked in several small productions, mostly fan-made but you wouldn’t think that – judging by his brilliant acting skills. Andreea you may remember as “Eowyn” (Iochin) in our Lord of the Rings 2 parody. If the job of acting would be paid fairly in our country and rewarded based on talent, she’d be the new Bill Gates of theatre and movies.

Last but not least, we are taking down our two teasers from youtube because they’ve become outdated. Do not worry, we shall release new ones, with both old and new footage. It all depends on how much time we have on our hands. It is a huge project and, thank God, we are actually starting to see it take shape. And it is fantastic. You’ll love it! 🙂


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