Mar 14, 2016

SilverWolfPet’s New Outfit!

Welcome to the brand new website!


We weren’t quite happy with the previous one, or the one before that…or the one before that, but this version is great! Best one ever!


We love it and are going to use it until the end of time…or until we make a new one. Our Twitter has been revamped too and is now much more active than before and check our our new Instagram which will feature behind-the-scenes photos from the sets in addition to many other cool images. Be sure to check our Youtube, Tumblr, Google+, and Facebook pages as well. We’re everywhere!


Also, you may notice the new “Shop” page where, for the first time ever, you can grab our movies and – depending on your pleasure – download the HD versions or watch them online. Through our shop we will deliver new content, new ideas, new films just for you.

Our old movies are free and will always be, but to fund future projects we need to start charging a bit for some of the new stuff.

Remember to check back here everyday as we will be updating daily, on weekdays, in the coming weeks.



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