May 23, 2016

So you want to start a Hobby

If you haven’t been on planet Earth for long, you might be asking: What is a Hobby?

Well, the definition is “an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.” But that could mean almost anything: Eating, sleeping, jogging, reorganizing your folders, etc. Right? Normally when we think of that word it revolves around something creative, for ourselves or for others to enjoy. Does that mean some things cannot be considered hobbies? Well, judging by the definition, no. As long as there is something that brings you pleasure, and hopefully isn’t destructive, you have free creative hand to do whatever you want.

Before we move on, let’s take a moment to think if we actually have that free time to spend on a hobby. Because if you do, I’m impressed!

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What’s the  problem with time? 

There are so many things in our lives that keep us busy, such as our jobs, family responsibilities, chores and so on. Even when we think all our necessary activities are done, other less important ones come along: buying new stuff, going out with friends, personal needs or visiting relatives. It will always seem like there is something else to do and no time left to relax. We hear so many people say “Just do it!” or “Change your view to a more positive one.” and then everything will be fine. But is it true?

hobby image2Our lives are organised based on our necessities, witch in turn are placed in a hierarchy: the important needs at the bottom (the basses for survival) and the relaxing activities at the top (hobbies). This pyramid shows us why making the time for our hobbies is such a difficult task. If our basic needs are not bet, we cannot expect a sable “construction”.

The first two steps are intertwined and must always be balanced. To work, you need to be rested. To rest you need a home. For a home, you need to pay rent. To stay alive and work for the money for the house, you need food. A balance for this seemingly never ending cycle is possible. Start by organizing your daily activities in a more time-efficient way. No need to push yourself too heard, the workload will only push back even more.

The third level, Lobe/Belonging, is an independent stage that is a good source of emotional strength. Often we do things for our friends and family that might seem insignificant, but they bring an imens joy in our lives and a surge of willpower. The support of a loved one is worth more then all the prase of strangers.

Esteem is a tricky one. It is easy to transform confidence in smugness, or self-esteem in narcissism. At times, we judge ourselves too harshly or praise our accomplishments to a greater degree. For example, as a historical fact, when a Roman imperator (the equivalent of commander) triumphed and received imens prase for his mighty deeds in combat, a slave was selected to whisper “you are only one man, you are not a god”. We must always keep in mind that perfection is imposibile and, even if we succeeded of failed, we are only humans.

At the top of the pyramid is self-actualization, where we try to be most of the time. The creative world, the problem solving state and the open mindedness are where greate ideas come to life. It is here where we go when we are deeply immersed in our hobbies. Not only that, it’s where we are at our most calm, collected and constructive states of mind. And what do you do once you’re there?

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You get started!

Let’s say that you have no idea what you can make a hobby out off. Drawing is very hard to for some people, writing can be boring, singing is embarrassing if you have neighbor, the list just keeps going. All you need to do is to thing what makes you happy. It’s really not that heard.

You like butterflies? Study butterflies. Good at knitting? Make nice things for yourself and friends. Skilled in making people lough? Be a comedian. As long as if fills you up with positivity and good energy, the only limit is your imagination.

If you want to start small, I suggest you make it a part of your daily program. One hour or 20 minutes a day to relax by creating something, physical or emotional, will put you in a better mood and help you on your way to owning a hobby.

Well, that’s about it for today. I hope everyone understood the ideas I through your way and that what we had talked about inspired you in a small way. If you have a hobby, or are planning to, let me know what that might be. It’s always nice to hear the passions that other people have.

Good luck and be the best you can!


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