April 05, 2016

The Player’s Diary – DayZ

14th March 2016 Dear Diary, I’m not exactly sure what I did last night or where I’ve been, but I woke up in my pajamas again on some beach. I can’t remember much, but the whole area seems deserted. Found a pink pair of pants in a shed, so I put them on, I have […]

March 29, 2016

The Player’s Diary – Dead Island

12th June 2010 Dear Diary, I woke up in a strange hotel room. Not the first time, I’ll admit it. As usual, I got up and looked down at my legs. I was wearing some really uncomfortable high heels. Naturally, the first thing I tried was kicking the bed. Then I kicked some luggage. Then […]

May 20, 2015

Doctor Who Fan Film Review!

A very, very nice review (our first international one actually) has been written by Den Valdron. You can go check it out here. Make sure to leave a comment too, the guy actually spent a lot of time writing it 😀 Thank you, Den! This means a lot to us and your nice, warm words […]