Jun 07, 2016

The Player’s Diary – Dark Souls 1


Dear Diary,

I woke up today in a dungeon. Ate a yummy soul and feel freshened. I gently trotted around, trying to find my way. Some very rude people with hollow eyes and ghastly empty faces tried to kill me. How impolite.

I made my way towards a little meadow, on top of a huge cliff, in the midst of some old castle’s ruins. The architects clearly had a blast with this place. It is truly wondrous.


Dear Diary,

I noticed that every time I get hit too hard, I wake up at the last bonfire, like from a bad dream. Can’t complain, really.

I met someone today; He apparently loves staring at the Sun. The view is indeed breathtaking… I’m not quite sure where I’m heading, but I’m getting there. Steady but surely.


I’m lost yet I’m not lost – who’s to say? Would this be Purgatory? Or perhaps Hell? If so, what were my sins, for I cannot remember?

Surely, this cannot be Heaven. If this would be Heaven, then we’d all be more lost than we’d think we are.


Dear Diary,

I keep going and going, things are changing, doors are opening while others are closing behind me. This place… It is not my home, yet I won’t let it become my grave either.

I want to run away from it, yet I feel myself trapped in its spell, unable to stray, unable to yield. If it is true that not all those who wander are lost, then for sure I can tell you that all those who are lost, are doomed to wander.

I do not know yet for how long.


Dearest Diary,

Thank you for being with me on this journey for so long. I must leave you now. I’ll place you down here, on the ground, for others to find you and to learn that all is not in vain.

Or perhaps it is. I guess it all depends on how you see things.

Ah, I see another path has opened before me. Until next time, farewell.



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