Mar 29, 2016

The Player’s Diary – Dead Island

12th June 2010

Dear Diary,

I woke up in a strange hotel room. Not the first time, I’ll admit it.

As usual, I got up and looked down at my legs. I was wearing some really uncomfortable high heels. Naturally, the first thing I tried was kicking the bed. Then I kicked some luggage. Then I kicked the toilet. The shoes didn’t come off. Darn it.

I stumbled across the hallway, poking through discarded bags and briefcases, grabbing money and random items. I could be a kleptomaniac, not sure. I kicked some walls, just for kicks, and headed towards the lower floors.

13th June 2010

Oh God oh God oh God. Zombies Zombies Zombies!

There was, like, this guy and he was dead. But not really. Came after me… so I kicked him. The shoes proved useful.

I met some nice people. Kicked them too. They didn’t flinch, must have armor or something under their bikinis.

14th June 2010

I stole a car. Ran over some Zombies. Got out of car, kicked them, got back in.

I reached some big house with people in it. Talked with them a bit, kicked their stuff, ran out and drove around some more.

Made a weapon. Stuck some nails to a stick, like McGuyver. I tried using my shoes as inspiration.

15th June 2010

Invited some friends to join me on my quest. They all looked like me, very distracting. I kicked them too, but they kicked me back, so I kicked them off the server.


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