May 17, 2016

The Player’s Diary – Dead Space

August 15th 2508

This is awesome, this is awesome! I’m a spaceman, I’m a spaceman! In a space ship, in a spaceship! Dum-dee-dum, pew pew pew! This is so awesome!

August 15th 2508 – 5 minutes later

All my friends are DEAD! My space ship is DEAD! Everyone is DEAD! This is horrible! There’s like dead stuff everywhere! I wanna go home! This is the worst thing EVER!

August 16th 2508

What’s wrong with my arms?? I can’t aim and move properly. When I aim, I move slower than a slug! I’m so gonna die here!

August 17th 2508

What ARE these things? They look like Silent Hill rejects! I’m so done with these monsters. This is not fun, it’s not scary, it’s simply annoying!

August 18th 2508

Ran around, killed stuff, ran around some more. Hallway after hallway, rinse and repeat. “The maze game” was scarier than this.

August 19th 2508

I’m dead, again. This time, I ain’t getting up. Dead Space, totally right, it kills off all enthusiasm. The future sucks.



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