May 03, 2016

The Player’s Diary – Magicka

6th July …. Ummm… 1300s?

I’m a wizard, Diary.

A robe-wearing, stick-wielding, crazy-looking wizard. My name is Bill. Bill the Wizard.

Funny thing, I’m not the only Wizard – there’s a whole bunch of us! Made some friends today actually. There we were, exploring the depths of some castle. I was supposed to learn a new spell.

I chose the spell in my mind, pointed the pointy stick, focused and BAM! …I killed my new friends.

This will be like highschool all over again.

7th July 1300s

Went through a forest today. Beat up some goblins, used some magic, nothing unusual.

Well, except for the fact that I kind of sort of maybe accidentally blew myself up. Twice. Then my friend came over and tried to resuscitate me. Who knew lightning and water don’t go well together?

8th July 1300s

Dear Diary,

I am no longer a wizard. I realized that this wasn’t for me.

I became a monk. Same robe, different dance – better money actually. Go me!


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