Jun 23, 2016

The Player’s Diary – The Lord of the Rings Online

Year 1  (yes, YEAR 1)

This is sooooooo awesome!

Come here, brother of mine! Become a dwarf champion and I shall be a human ranger, and we both shall venture forth into the unknown!

Fear not for I shall pay for both your account and mine using my special Credit Card!

Year 2

The new expansion is out! Mines of Moria! Come my brother, for we shall venture forth once more! Onwards to defeat evil in epic adventures!

Year 2 …a few months later

*Due to new regulations, the use of a single credit card for two accounts is no longer allowed*

..but but I’m the only one with an international credit card in my family and my brother can’t have one yet because he’s 14!

Welp, that was it.

While it lasted, 8/10 I guess.

Sorry if this seemed short to you, but it’s the honest truth. It’s why we stopped playing.



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