Jun 27, 2016

The Train’s at the Station

This is addressed to the people that actually are reading this right now. Yes, this is addressed to you.

First of all, thank you for reading. Know that you are one of the few that actually pay attention to this site and our works, for that we are grateful.

Second of all, we are stepping away from SilverWolfPet. As the title suggests, the “train” of articles and clips and updates will stay at the station for a bit until we will carry on the journey. We are not leaving permanently, we are just announcing an indefinite hiatus.


There is no way of saying this without sounding weird, or even egocentric and full of ourselves… so we’re just gonna say it directly – without proper feedback (be it positive, negative or constructive) we are not capable of functioning. We cannot know if we’re going in the right direction, we cannot guess if you guys like what we do, if you hate what we do…

The general passiveness of our audience killed every bit of enthusiasm that we might’ve had left. Very, very few people replied to our questions and actually took the time to communicate with us. It is thanks to those very few (you know who you are) that we managed to keep it up for years.

Sadly, even after posting day by day, trying to offer diverse content and making things fun and interesting, we cannot keep it up when we see that people are leaving. It can really be heartbreaking when you try to bring something new and realize that you gained 2 new watchers and lost 7 in the process. We seem to be on a continuous drop and the worst part here is that everyone is silent.

What about *insert project names here*?

As always, we are continuing to work on Plustard. We’ll stop announcing updates. Most likely the next time you’ll hear about the project is when we will launch Season 1 in its entirety.

We have prepared a secret side-thing, a mini-tribute for this Xmas, not sure if we’re gonna make it though due to lack of funds.

The Doctor Who Tribute #2 will be discussed in 2017. Everything else is up for discussion.

When will you be back?

We don’t know. It could be two weeks, it could be two years. Or more. Or less.

We want to focus our energy into filmmaking and nothing else. The reason why it is taking so much, as we reiterated several times, has everything to do with the lack of funds and the lack of time.

Thank you for being with us so far. Let’s hope we’ll talk again soon.



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