Aug 06, 2013

Top 10 Adventure Games till 2013

Everybody loves adventures.
Some live them in various ways through books, music, mountain climbing.. while others create such thrilling escapades themselves in various art forms.

Today we’ll talk about adventure games. The games are not rated based on their genre, but on the sense of discovery and oh-my-God-what-is-going-to-happen-next feelings that they give you. Jump with me and let’s explore!

 Dear Esther SilverWolfPet

#10 – Dear Esther

A little jewel that you can find on Steam, “Dear Esther” does not keep you on the edge of your seat.. but it does make you go through its story to discover what the protagonist is rambling about. The voice-acting is awesome, the ideas are well implemented. It makes you feel like you are going through someone else’s adventure. It makes you feel nostalgic for thoughts that are not your own.

You are not playing this game. You are experiencing it.

Loom LucasArts SilverWolfPet

#9 – Loom

Loom was the first game of my childhood and my first contact with the brilliant minds that once worked at LucasArts. It enriched my youth and enhanced my dreams. Who knew that a few pixels would start a journey that now, 20 years later, would represent my life and way of seeing stories?

By today’s standards, it is not the best adventure game in the world but, for me, it always will be special.

Portal 2 Valve SilverWolfPet

#8 – Portal 2

Wait, whu?

Yeah, I’m considering the Portal Series to be absolutely fantastic for anyone who’d like to go through an Epic Adventure. I’m not a Sci-Fi fan (although I do enjoy Star Trek and Doctor Who). Portal is a game for everyone and Portal 2 took the story to the next level.

Syberia SilverWolfPet

#7 – Syberia I & II

For all you book readers out there, Syberia is a really neat, slow-paced adventure that will enchant you with the atmosphere it creates. The music, in particular, is excellent and the voice acting is spot on. As you may notice, I’m not really talking about what happens in these games that I list here. Why would I? It would spoil the surprises!

All I can say is that, from certain points of view, some of these games are better than the best books I’ve read. Give ’em a shot.

Gothic Game SilverWolfPet

#6 – Gothic I & II

Okay, hooold on! The Gothic Series is a collection of RPGs!

Yes, true.. but the stories and the adventure elements rank it at number six in this list. Who didn’t exhale happily, even without knowing, once they finished one of the heavier quests presented in this series? Or when he defeated a great foe? Remember the skeletons? Gothic is awesome and it makes you feel like you’re growing at the same time as the story grows. What more could you expect from such an experience?

Indigo Prophecy Fahrenheit SilverWolfPet

#5 – Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit)

Yes, I know, this game also ranks quite well on the Top Ten Survival Horror Games till 2013 list. True… but that was for the scary-element.

From the sense-of-adventure point of view, this game is better than its successor, “Heavy Rain”. Some of you might tackle my statement and I cannot reply properly without spoiling key elements and scenes from Fahrenheit.. but I will tell you this: While Heavy Rain focused on drama, Fahrenheit focused on the drama aftermath. The deed was done… now what happens?

Day of the tentacle DOTT LucasArts SilverWolfPet

#4 – Day of the Tentacle

Classic Adventure Game! 😀

The type of game which really makes you laugh out loud at its silliness. It makes fun of itself while taking you on a wacky quest. Like a hilarious situation – you cannot explain it, you have to live it.

Indiana Jones SilverWolfPet

#3 – Indiana Jones Games

Again, a big part of my childhood. You might think I’m seeing all these games through a pair of Nostalgia Goggles.. rest assured though, I re-played them recently and they all hold up pretty well.

I had two big childhood heroes: Robin Hood and Indiana Jones, both set out to do what is right. The Indy games actually offer you choices (especially “Last Crusade” and “Fate of Atlantis”) while making you want to explore and see what’s behind the next stone. It is said that this name is synonymous to “adventure”. The games show this pretty well.. and if you want more actiony-stuff you can always check out “Emperor’s Tomb” or “The Staff of Kings”!

Skyrim SilverWolfPet

#2 – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Yes, another RPG. The sense of adventure it gives you is absolutely fantastic. You feel epic and you do epic things. It is not one of those games in which you press two buttons and you get cute little quicktime events. Or cutscenes. Or cinematics. No no no, in Skyrim you DO epic things the way you want to.

Mihai’s note: Believe it or not, they outdid themselves by launching the two brilliant DLCs in which you get to be a vampire and/or ride dragons!

Monkey Island SilverWolfPet

#1 – Monkey Island Series

Was there any doubt? The five games (with “Curse of Monkey Island” still being my favorite) are excellent and I still smile each time I hear someone say the classic line “I wanna be a pirate!”. The games are– .wait..

Hold on..

..no. It’s.. not exactly right.

I think I made a tiny mistake here. I don’t think “Monkey Island” is better than “Skyrim” on the Adventure Level. I’m sorry.. I’m so sorry.. but as much as I love the story of Guybrush Threepwood, Might Pirate™, I must confess that the scale and attention to detail of the Fifth Elder Scrolls Game is surpassing anything Monkey Island could be now.

Don’t get me wrong, the MI Games had a great shot at coming back, but.. apparently.. zombies and comics were more important (which I find ironic since LeChuck’s character goes through certain.. phases.. heh… trying not to spoil anything). On a personal level, I do feel a bit disappointed, but I cannot point fingers at the developers. A gaming company is, after all, a business, and my own distaste in zombies is completely subjective.

Monkey Island could’ve become great again. So much potential.. therefore, my final verdict is:

#2 – Monkey Island Series

#1 – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

If you’re feeling adventurous, try any of these titles. They will brighten up your mood instantly!

If you want to know our Top Ten Something-Else, let us know in the comments what you’d like to see!



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