Sep 08, 2013

Top 10 Disney Villains Till 2013

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Villains are awesome and sometimes they are more interesting than the protagonist. We tend to like their energy, appearance and their scariness. Seeing how Disney is a factory of evil characters, I will ask “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the scariest Disney villain of them all?”

Note: This is my top ten, so it’s based on who I like more as a villain. It’s based on personal opinion. Jump right in!


#10- Rourke from Atlantis: the lost empire

I might have spoiled a part of the movie by saying this, sorry. 😛

He starts out as a member of the expedition to discover Atlantis. You will actually like him at times, he has funny moments, sad moments, even jaw dropping moments. This is the guy who knows how to make a good impression and then stabs you in the back.


#9- Hades from Hercules

Talk about a fun villain, this guy’s hilarious!

It’s an obvious modernized character to appeal to the younger generation. He is like a mafia member, chilled and cool but with a sharp temper if his plans are messed up.


#8- Dr. Facilier/The Shadow Man from The Princess and the Frog

This guy has friends on the other side! 😉

Talk about a shady character. He is suave, cunning and he embraces his dark powers to the fullest. He is like an acrobat coffee addict, creepy when angry but fun to watch. What I disliked about him was his weekness… Come on, a medallion? …


#7- Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians

Talk about crazy cat lady… well, dog… well… you know what I mean.

I hated her (in a good way) from the animated film because of how good the voice and design were made. She scared the bananas out of me! Her cruelty is what made her deserve the 7th spot.


#6- The horned king from Black Cauldron

O.O … Oh my god! This… THING is scary!

What can I say but Wow, this is a scary villain. He wants to make a skeleton army, planning this for years! Gathering the fallen heroes, he has created the army of the dead. They could have made him even cooler if they would have made him do more! He is as slow as I am in the morning! :p


#5- Judge Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dam

Frollo: Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

With a deep voice and a sinister personality, Frollo is that creepy guy you never want to sit next to in a bus. The sad part is that there ware some priests in history that came close to Frollo, but he was the worst of them all.


#4- Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective

If he would have been named Moriarty, the film would have suffered. This is not Moriarty, these two are very different, even if ion a Sherlock Holmes style story.

This was the first villain I saw actually having a mental breakdown at the end of a movie.


#3- Jafar from Aladdin

First of all: How can you not tell from the first second that he’s a bad guy? Who would make him the Royal Vizier???

Anyway, He looks more menacing then the previous villains and he obtained ultimate power, now that’s something! His evil henchman is so cool, funny and adds a brilliant balance to Jafar. Without Yago, he would have been boring at times, with nothing to make him more dynamic.


#2- Izma from The Emperor’s New Groove

The most creepy looking villain that can still make you laugh.

She is fantastically funny, with a partial insanity and a huge dose of narcissism. It might be the movie’s brilliant story and comedy that made her an awesome villain, but I had never seen a similar “baddie” until her.

When she gets angry is when the real character is shown, and for some people it can be a wonderful place to start their acting exercise.


#1- Scar & Zira from Lion King 1 and 2

The best evil couple ever! Clearly they were meant for each other.

The lion king was a splendid movie. Scar had a cruelty and a hunger for power that you could say everyone can have. What made him special were his “acting” and “the effect powerhad over him”. Scar has the sane power as Frollo but could be more threatening, also his movement was theatrical (can’t find better words to describe it).

Zira, on the other hand, was”Scar if he would have lived”. She had the same , or even more, cruelty but was more savage. Whether by grief or hatred, she went over the edge, and what’s not to like about an insane villain? 🙂

Lastly, Zira’s song “You will be a king” and Scar’s “Be prepared”, I love them.

Well, that’s about it. If you haven’t seen a title I mentioned, Go See It/Them! These are the real awesome Disney movies that deserve to be appreaciated.

Thank you and see you next time! 😀


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