Aug 13, 2013

Top 10 RPG Games Till 2013

Being the hero is awesome! So jump right in and see which games give us that feeling of epicness! (and by “us” I mean “me ” :p )

Black & white 2

#10 – Black & White 2

Making a town is cool, being able to have worshipers is cooler but being a god and spreading your power of good or evil over other tribes is Epic! It is also a strategy game, so you need to do some thinking of how a certain problem can be overcome. Do you act peaceful while your neighbor tribe is preparing an invasion? Or will you make an army to burn and destroy everything?

Did I mention the most awesome factor? You can have a giant pet Wolf!!! ^^

HEROES of Might and Magic 3

#9 – Heroes of Might and Magic 3

I lost too many hours at this game than I should have. Playing this game was a real challenge, especially when you dared to click on the “hard ” difficulty button, but it was fun nonetheless. Making your army more powerful takes some time but enough to understand the mechanics of the game.

P.S. I kick my brother’s butt most of the time. 😛

The Elder Scrolls IV

#8 – The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

This game lost me for some time. 😀 If you want a game that makes you feel in that world, this is the game for you. The only down side to this is the enemies, they level with you. For example: if you spend time in jail, you lose some of your points from some abilities. But do the enemies care? Nooo, they just get stronger and make you try over and over to get that cool staff at that tower! They kill you every time and you feel like “AAAAaaaaargh!!!” … Sorry for the mental breakdown. 😛

Cool game. 🙂

P.S. I didn’t play the expansion pack/s, so I have nothing to say about that.

Fallout 3

#7 – Fallout 3

There’s just so much stuff to do in this game, you can’t get bored. I especially like the depth of your decisions in the game. The world looks brilliant, dark but welcoming in a way.

There is a small problem though, after a while you will tend to use your target-stop-time ability too often, resulting in you just head-shooting your way through the game. If only the game makers would have left the ability not-upgradeable… but then it would have lost some cool shooting cutscenes. 🙂


#6 – League of Legends

This is an online game that has a character for everyone, whether you are a stealthy assassin or a maniac with an axe. I prefer a 3vs3 match because it’s simple and fast to play (the scope being to destroy the other team’s crystal base).

Not that much to say but a lot to have fun with. 🙂

Lord of the Rings War in the North

#5 – The Lord of the Rings: War in the North

I had a lot of fun with my brother playing this game (actually making the contest Gimli made with Legolas of killing the most orcs), we relived that old feeling from filming the parody “The Biggest of them Rings”. The story is rather simple but polished in the classic Lord of the Rings style.

J.R.R. Tolkien would totally play this game. 😀


#4 – Fable: the lost chapters

For those who can’t decide between yes and no, this is the game for you. It has no middle side, you either become a horned demon or a white angel, but you can change your attitude in mid-game and start doing the opposite of what you were doing before.

I especially like the atmosphere, making you feel in a tale or legend. Bright colors, sometimes cool contrast and the overall design is/was original and enjoyable.

Guild Wars 2

#3 – Guild Wars 2

THE MOST AWESOME ONLINE GAME EVER MADE! There is just too much to say of what this game does right. The saddest part of this is that I didn’t have the time and impulse to play it anymore. At the time it was the new game to play with my brother, but he got a job and I had school and… yeah.

The game has value, and when I will get the time, I will play it. 🙂


#2 – Gothic 1, 2, 3

The game that made me a gamer. The story that made me want to see and travel the world it presented. The thing that taught me patience and determination. Classic medieval world, magic and orcs, settlements and kingdoms, what’s not to like?

My personal favorite one is Gothic 2 because of the new open world in comparison to the previous one, and the expansion pack Night of the Raven which gave me a more potent thrill.^^

There is a joke in my family about this game. I was playing this game from dawn till dusk and my mom said “Mihai, you need to eat, now!” and I was like “Fine!” and I went in my character’s inventory and made him eat a piece of meat. 😛 Made her laugh.


#1 – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I think you were expecting this. ^^ How can it not be my #1 favorite RPG game? Awesome characters, compelling story, Dragons, Fantastic expansions with the Downguard and Dragonborn, everything is made with an attention to detail that I am adoring. It is similar to the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion game, just 8 times more awesome! Especially considering that they gave up the “enemies level with you” thing that could have ruined the game.

I tried for a long time not to fast travel in the game but the long hours took there toll and I lost patience.

So there you have it, my top ten RPG games. Hope you enjoyed it and if you are planning to try one of these games for the first time I will be glad to know you started a new legend. 😉




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