Jun 09, 2016

Top 10 Silent Hill Games till 2016

Silent Hill is by far my favorite game series. It has a beautiful depth to it and it always manages to calm me down after a difficult day. I thought of making a list of my favorite games in the series, perhaps those who haven’t tried them yet might give them a chance. They are all standalone stories (with big connections but they’re still very enjoyable even if you don’t know the lore).

If you are a Silent Hill purist, I’d recommend you ignore the list. This is just for fun, just rated as an enjoyable experience, not from the canon-truthfulness detail-obsessed ponies. 🙂

Here we go.

  • SilentHill1010. Silent Hill Mobile Games (Orphan 1&2)

It’s mobile, it’s pixelated… sort of… it’s not very good and it’s pretty confusing.

But hey, it’s Silent Hill and it made it to the list, woohoo! Better thanthat silly iOS iphone shooting-game or whatever that was. Ahem, moving on, nothing to see here unless you are reaaaally easy to entertain.

Which wouldn’t be a bad thing. It just looks interesting, but it is ultimately a letdown. Sooo maybe you should be looking towards other games. Just be careful, there are some crude copies that try to pass themselves as SH, especially on mobile. Don’t waste your dataplan.

  • SilentHill99. Silent Hill Alchemilla Mod

Yeah, yeah, cheating a bit here but only because this mod is so good! Made by a group of very talented people, it’s a Silent Hill experience that is presented in first person.

It’s nice, it’s creepy, it is absolutely brilliant on some occasions. The textures look original yet fit very, very well with any SH game. I’m not sure how they did that as they don’t appear to be ripped from the originals.

A lot of work and love has been put into this and it just goes to show you how far some SH fans would go to see a good, complete fangame.

  • SilentHill88. Silent Hill 1

The first one, the original, the big beast that started it all… It’s good, but unplayable for me. I don’t cringe at the graphics, I just can’t get used to the controls.

Still, for its time and age, it was marvelous. People kept talking about it and Konami actually knew how to keep people entertained by offering products and cool game-related stuff. Nothing beats the original, right?

Well… The story is not presented in a easy fashion, the characters are quite unemotional, and the graphics (while setting the base for future improvements) are difficult to digest sometimes. Depends on your level of tolerance.

  • SilentHill77. Silent Hill 4 – The Room

While initially not a SH game, The Room was connected to the series later on in its development process. The story is kind of dull, but it is closer to the core of the good games, so I put it higher on the list.

There are some annoyances, but there are also some very nice visuals throughout the gameplay which you will appreciate, coupled with genuinely creepy moments.

How would you feel if you woke up one day to notice that you’ve been locked in your own apartment? Unable to get out, you look for a way to escape. Interesting premise… go check it out ^^

  • SilentHill66. Silent Hill 5 – Homecoming

Americans made this one, so expect american-clichees throughout the story and gameplay. Still, visually speaking, I remember that it was pretty decent and quite entertaining to play.

It isn’t as good as others and some say it’s a complete ripoff of another SH title, which I kind of agree, but it does have its moments.

At least it’s not boring, then again perhaps it would’ve been better off as boring. The gore elements are really not something that the series is known about. Disturbing, yes, but not gore.

  • SilentHill55. Silent Hill 0 – Origins

It presents the town’s beginnings but, unfortunately, it kind of messed up the lore a bit when some infos overlapped with others from previous installments. Yeah, as I said, not really a perfect series.

There are some obvious flaws, especially with some story elements that don’t make much sense (I’m looking at you, teleportation), but that still doesn’t make it a bad game.

This game is quite good, engaging and has some very interesting locations to explore. Then again, SH has always been interesting to explore – since many different dev-teams worked on different games, the town of SH now has 3 hospitals and a huge jail.  Quite the issues this town has. o.o

  • SilentHill44. Silent Hill – Downpour

Made as a last attempt to save the series (before Konami messed it up for good… just look for the whole story on “Silent Hill P.T.”), Downpour was advertised as being extremely awesome. Then… the end result had the graphics permanently switched to “low” and the whole story was a big mess.

It… tried to hard to be like “the other kids in the group” and that always leads to a waste of time and a bad result. It’s not a bad game, it just isn’t as good as it could’ve been.

I remember reaching the end of it and my reaction was: Wait, what? Really, that’s it? …that was… underwhelming. Okay.

So why did I stack it so high on the list? Well, for better or worse, it does its job. The voice actors are quite good and the protagonist is likable to a certain extent. Some puzzles are smart, some sequences are really gorgeous to look at and the town itself never looked better. Would I throw it away? NO, it’s cool! Would I play it again? …errr, I can’t… the game glitches out and I can’t advance on my second playthrough 🙁

  • SilentHill33. Silent Hill – Shattered Memories (Wii)

A fantastic reimagining of the first SH game. Many fans complained about this title as “it wasn’t SH enough” for them, but I love it to bits. Using the Wii remote as a flashlight and exploring abandoned parts of the city…. damn! That’s some sexy gameplay right there!

The music is good, the acting is good, the ideas are good, the implementations are fun… all being wrapped up in a therapy session. No, really, you’re in therapy and you are given tests. Judging by your answers, the game changes.

My bro and I played on separate accounts and we each got different situations and characters to interact with  o.o Cooooool! If you own a Wii, this is the next game you must play. Trust me.

  • SilentHill22. Silent Hill 3

I’m going to come clean… I never liked the protagonist of SH3. Never liked her.

Still, the game makes me care for her, the story makes me want to see her reach the end safely – and that is fantastic.

The visuals are sooo gooood for their time and you often will go asking yourself “what the hell is that?”, not being sure if you are able to look away or not. The mirror-puzzle still haunts my dreams to this day. Oh and the mannequins. Oh and the walls, those moving walls…what was up with those walls?!

  • SilentHill11. Silent Hill 2

The masterpiece of the collection, Silent Hill 2 is a game that I’ve played many, many times. It shaped the way I see horror and I create stories.

I can’t talk about it without spoiling it for you – go play it BUT don’t play the “HD Version” on Ps3 or Xbox… it’s a very, very bad port. Grab the old PC version, trust me on that.

That does it for this Top Ten, I hope you can find it useful in some ways or at least entertaining. I know it looks a bit short on the explanations, but this particular game series needs to be experiences and afterwards talked about. You’ll see what I mean. Thanks for reading!


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