May 26, 2016

Top 10 Silliest Top Tens till 2016

I was actually pondering if I should write these. This list started out as a silly game with a friend, Mircea, and things kind of got a bit out of control. 😀

  • 10. Top Ten ways to mix your salad
  • 9. Top Ten boring astronauts
  • 8. Top Ten financial ads that make you crave pudding
  • 7. Top Ten facial areas that are of least interest to penguins
  • 6. Top Ten photo-cameras you use for making videos
  • 5. Top Ten video-cameras you use for taking pictures
  • 4. Top Ten best plain water brands
  • 3. Top Ten favorite keyboard keys
  • 2. Top Ten sounds in nature I don’t care about
  • 1. Top Ten Top Tens


Sorry, been a slow day for news. How you doin’? Tell me about you guys : ) ) )


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