Mar 31, 2016

Top Ten Indie Games till 2016

Hello there! It’s Mihai and today I will present to you a list of my favorite games made by independent companies.

Sometimes, it is the little gems that shape the mountain we call the gaming industry. 😛 Anyway, let’s get to it.

  • Nr 10 Escapists10 – The Escapists

Trying to escape a prison involves a ton of work. Who knew? Well they knew – the team that made “The Escapists”, a pixel game revolving around… well, escaping jail.

Managing your resources, covering your tracks and filling your job quota are the main challenges you will face as a prisoner. This game makes you count the days until you risk breaking out. There are several ways you can go about it but even the most well planned breakouts can fall flat.

Hopefully you will have more luck than me finding a file or duct tape. 😀

  • 9 – Goat SimulatorNr 9 GS

Well, some things exist for no reason other than making us laugh. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the game “created” by the internet.

Goat Simulator is a fun-fest of random powers and crazy physics. If you ever feel like there is nothing left to do, change the map or the goat.

Also, there are several DLC that will keep you asking “Why did they make this?” and “Why is this so funny?” in a good way.

  • Nr 8 TTP8 – The Talos Principle

Now this game really gets in your head. The puzzles can be fun and simple, but the world and moral/philosophical debates found within the story makes us think about ourselves and others.

Not much else to say besides how gorgeous the locations are. One moment you can be in an Egyptian temple, the next in a utopic forest.


  • Nr 7 TS7 – Tabletop Simulator

Think of every game you can play on a table… Done? Good. Now you are ready for Tabletop Simulator.

With a good connection and some friends, you can play anything you can think of: from poker to D&D, Monopoly and, my favorite card game, Dixit. There are plenty of community-made games on the Steam workshop to choose from, so go for it!

My advice: Have as many players as you can. The more, the funnier it is when someone actually table-flips. Yeah, there is a button for “table-flip”. ^^

  • Nr 6 T6 – Trine

Got two friends and you want to laugh at each other? Play Trine in multiplayer (Couch co-op). This puzzle platformer is engaging, fun and has a wonderful atmosphere.

I personally preferred to go with the mage. Making platforms and then vanishing them just as my team was walking over it was so much fun. That is the thing I would like to draw attention to: Fun with friends. Enjoy.


  • Nr 5 PP5 – Papers, please

In Arstotzka, you don’t cross border. Border crosses you!

If someone would have told me that a passport inspecting game would be engaging, it would have been a very short conversation. Surprisingly, after watching my favorite YouTuber make a “let’s play” on the game, I liked it enough to pester my brother on buying it for me.

Papers, please is a very unique game and needs to be mentioned and played more. P.S. Thanks bro!

  • Nr 4 WoG4 – World of goo

It’s nice to see the game acknowledging you have OCD after saving every little goo-ball.

World of goo is a very interesting puzzle game with a very simple mechanic and extremely likeable art style. Some levels are frustrating if you plan on saving all the goo-balls that you can, even if the solution is simple. Everything is tied together by a simple and funny narrative, resulting in a very well thought out game.

Also, it makes for a perfect Steam gift.

  • Nr 3 DS3 – Don’t starve

It’s a cute little survival/scavenging game with a Tim Burton flair to it. Who wouldn’t like this?

It gets harder as the time goes by, makes you prioritize your equipment, food or shelter at every moment. Just as you think you have a good base, your food is low or you can’t make a fur hat to survive the winter.

I think this is a very good game and deserves to be on your list. Plus, as I mentioned before: TIM BURTON STILE!!! 😀

  • Nr 2 K2 – Kingdom

Ever wanted to be chased by monsters or have so much money you threw it in the river? Well, Kingdom is the one for you. 😛

Jokes aside, my planning abilities were stretched thin in this game. Building a kingdom from scratch is hard. You need to be constantly supervising, expanding and recruiting, all the while keeping the nasty little gremlins outside.

For King/Queen and country! May all your archers strike true, may your moneybag be full and your enemies kept at bay!

  • Nr 1 LoF1 – Layers of Fear

Finishing off with a horror game, and a brilliant one at that. Layers of Fear was officially released on 15th of February and it immersed us in a world of paint, alcohol and blood. With less “classic” jump scares and more “story” than an ordinary player can handle at 1AM.

The narrative and atmosphere are woven together in a beautiful way. The mind-bending rooms and the main character’s dementia sent chills down my spine, keeping me on edge. It offers a very fun and creepy experience that you can’t pass up.


What are YOUR favorite indie games? Leave a comment, maybe I haven’t played the ones you suggest!


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