Mar 17, 2016

Top Ten PS3 Games till 2016

Hello! It’s Mihai and on this fine day I have prepared a collection of the best PS3 games that can offer you a fun and memorable experience.

Note, this list does not cover one particular category (Action, adventure, puzzle, etc). These are the games that stood out, that had a lasting impact to me as a player.

  • 10 F10 – Flower

Not many people can appreciate calmer games. We got used to action packed experiences that exhausts our minds even more than our normal daily routines. It’s refreshing to see a game that focuses more on relaxing and recharging us with good energy. Flower stands out by expanding our understanding on what a game can be and what it can make us feel. It puts us in a pleasant mood and lets you, the player, go wherever the wind blows.

Side note, also try Journey. A similar game, by the same company, but with a bit more story element to it.

  • 9 RDD9 – Red Dead Redemption

Man, Rockstar really knows how to make an open world game! Too bad for the NPC’s though. They’re still dumb as bricks.

If you would mix GTA with a western movie, say “For a few dollars more”, you would get Red Dead Redemption. I think this game is a ton of fun, many of the reasons being the same as for Grand Theft Auto: Open world, glitches, random encounters and interesting characters.


  • 8 SC8 – The Sly Cooper trilogy

You might wonder why I said trilogy and not tetralogy. Well, it’s because I didn’t finish the last game and I thought it wouldn’t be fair to review it in this way.

The Sly Cooper games are so cartoony and childish; it’s hard not to love them. The art style is very nice and the mechanics are well founded, remaining the same throughout the games.


  • 7 SHD7 – Silent Hill Downpour

That water had me like “Daaaaaamn!”

A decent Silent Hill game with awesome atmosphere. I wouldn’t call it a horror game since there was very little of it. Still, that exploration vibe you get from finding an abandoned building you CAN go into is nice.

If you are a fan of the Silent Hill franchise, go get it if you haven’t already. It’s a good game, despite some of its flaws like long loading screens and technical glitches.

  • 6 – 6 DSDemon’s souls

You thought Dark Souls was hard? Well, it’s predecessor is one of the most challenging games you will find.

With five worlds to go through, an incredible amount of enemies and boss fights like you wouldn’t believe; Demon Souls puts us in the shoes of an undead that most probably got used to dying a lot.

The story/world is presented as being larger than the protagonist, a huge obstacle that seems impossible to overcome. Wether you can finish the game or not, the lore is                                                                           what deserves to be applauded here.

  • 5 LLOTR5 – Lego Lord of the Rings

This game is a must because of how goofy it can get at times. Plus, every LotR fan will love it too. ^^

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: “it’s just a Lego game”. Don’t expect mind-blowing graphics or stellar storytelling. It’s fun, it’s nice and it’s Lego.



  • 4 U4 – Uncharted 1-3

Now we get to the really cool stuff! The Uncharted games are adventure, third-person shooters revolving around the adventures of a treasure hunter. A typical “Tomb Raider” or “Indiana Jones” setup, right? Well, you would be surprised.

The characters are three-dimensional in their personalities. They seem like actual people and the face tracking technique used for model animation made them look even more realistic. Not only that, the locations and textures really made this as an immersive world.

As a side note, I really liked Sully, Nathan’s mentor. He was so cool!

  • 3 LBP3 – Little Big Planet

This is so cute, everyone should have it! It’s adorable! ^^

Ok, cuteness aside, it’s a brilliant game. Intuitive gameplay, pleasant aesthetic and a “make your own level” option, Little Big Planet 1 and 2 are fun and creative games with infinite possibilities. The only limits are your imagination and your free time.

Also, take breaks. I forgot to eat for almost an entire day because of that game.


  • 2 DSS2 – Dark Souls

You probably knew this was coming. But where should I start with such a brilliant game?

If you were looking for a challenging game that relied on timing, intuition and dedication, you got it. The level of detail in this game is incredible, from the lore to the locations. Dark Souls gets in your head by giving you harder enemies to face every time you feel like you made a tiny bit of progress. Grinding is your only chance of leveling up, but you need to take it slow. When you die, your XP is left behind. Die again and it’s lost.

My neighbors probably nicknamed me “15000” because of how I cried for the amount of XP I lost. 😛

  • 1 HR1 – Heavy Rain

I can’t stress out enough how epic this game is.

It’s like an interactive movie with a fantastic cast, brilliant storytelling and a mind-blowing chain of events that you can change dramatically. You play as four different characters, all with their own stories and with a role to play in the grand scheme of things. On their journey, you find out more about them and what drives them forward.

Get ready to feel angry, sad, happy, relief and fear alongside some incredible figures that you will never forget.

At the time of its release, it was the best game of 2010.



What are YOUR favorite PS3 games? Leave a comment, maybe I haven’t played the ones you suggest!


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