Apr 28, 2016

Top Ten Shows you might like to watch on a Friday

Hello and welcome! It’s Mihai and today we’ve got ten shows you might like to watch on a Friday. Why Friday? Well, sometimes all we need is something to watch that takes our mind off of our responsibilities and helps us zone out a little. Let’s get to it!

  • 10 PS10 – Pawn Stars

Here you go, another reason to clean up your attic. You might get rich!

This show is like a museum and a horse race. On one hand, you get to see rare and interesting old objects that sometimes value more then one might think (if proven to be authentic). On the other hand, the way we are presented with an object. We cheer for the seller to have a genuine piece of history, worth hundreds of dollars. Whether luck is fair or not, this show gives us a real blast with funny moments and some brain food.

  • 9 SW9 – Storage Wars

I love the guy who talks very fast at auctions.

Whenever I see all the cool stuff that are forgotten in old storage rooms, I get so jealous for the people who get to bid on them. It all looks so fun, although I wouldn’t try and make a living out of it. Things move fast and going with your gut is risky, but sometimes that is what it takes to brings home the cash.


  • 8 S8 – Seinfeld

Comedians have a very fun, but hard time when on stage. They go with the flow of the audience and always follow what they believe comedy is. Making a show about a comedian, offering a live version of the jokes said by the respective comedian, can go one of two ways: Good or very, very Bad.

This show is actually good. There are some moments when the jokes are a bit bland or too exaggerated, but that’s how it’s like to be on that stage. If you go with the flow, you might actually enjoy it.

  • 7 CL7 – Crossing Lines

People from different nations working together to solve crimes and ilegal activities? Wow. Talk about infinite possibilities.

With such a huge cast of incredible people and brilliant twists in storytelling, it’s pretty obvious why this show made it on the list. The tension is almost palpable, the acting impecable and stories never fail to impress.

I just feel sorry for the coffee machine. It’s working 24/7. 🙂

  • 6 HIMYM6 – How I met your mother

The storyteller must have ADHD or something. He almost never gets to the point of-.. Oh, a butterfly!

This show has so many relatable stories that it’s almost impossible not to go “I know what that’s like, dude!”. You get invested and cheer for the characters, even if you know it’s not the right thing to do. You see them grow and become better people throughout the show. Still, if that doesn’t make you wanna watch it, look up “Barney Stinson – Funny moments”. #bestactor

  • 5 HLIIA5 – Whose line is it anyway?

Just go watch it.

Seriously, go right now and look it up. There are no words on this planet to describe what goes on in that show. It’s very funny.

Oh, and also come back to see the rest of the list when you’re done. ^^


  • 4 FG4 – Family Guy

There are a couple more shows that can fall in the same category as Family Guy: American Dad, The Simpsons, South Park, etc. But this one struck a cord with me as a watcher.

It knows how to show some things in a relatable way and leave it at that. Sure, some jokes are rude, even exaggerated at times, but most are in good taste and never let me get tired or bored.


  • 3 M3 – Mythbusters

So many myths, so little time.

This was the show that made me see just how fun science could be, given enough TNT. Adam Savage and  Jamie Hyneman knew how to tackle some crazy theories, inviting us on the set as participants to their experiments. Also, never have I felt more sorry for a test dummy than when I saw “Buster”, the mascot of Mythbusters, get launched out of a cannon.

Note: To me personally, Adam is a fantastic person that I look up to and would love to get the chance to meet him one day.

  • 2 XF2 – X Files

I like this Sci-fi series a lot.

The characters are likable, the plots are ingenious and the overarching mystery is so convoluted, you just can’t help but look at the next episode. You get everything in this show: Aliens, vampires, mind-control, cloning, super powers, monsters and the list goes on.

I say all this before viewing the new episodes of X Files. My brother and I hope to find the same awesome story telling there as in the older ones.

  • 1 DW1 – Doctor Who

You knew this was coming. It had to be Doctor Who.

What is there left to say? A brilliant time traveler has all of time and space at his fingertips. The courage to stand against impossible odds and the heart to offer help wherever it is needed. The Doctor and his companion will take you in fantastic adventures you will never forget.



What are YOUR favorite shows? Leave a comment, maybe I haven’t seen the ones you suggest!

And most importantly, DON’T BLINK! 😉


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