Jun 16, 2016

Top Ten Things you Shouldn’t do at your First Job

Hey guys! Mihai here with a new top ten for you. This one is actually inspired by my personal life because I’ve just finished one month at my curent job! 😀 I haven’t done all of the things you will see on this list but these are the ones I’ve heard others have done in the past.

  • 1010 – Taking something without meaning to

Ever borrowed something and then forgot you took it? Ever had the guts to also give it back? Well, the idea is to not do it from the beginning. Don’t borrow anything from anyone, and that also applies to money, favors, etc. Keep things that are yours close and be considerate in small doses. It’s your first job after all, you need to know the people first.



  • 99 – Over excitement

At your first job, you might feel overjoyed. The thrill, the responsibilities, the first salary, the first friend you make, etc. Even so, keep in mind that if you aren’t careful, that explosive behavior might backfire right in your face. Make sure to be in control of the situation. Never expect understanding if you act like a 5 year old in a toy store.



  • 88 – Worrying too much

At your first job, you feel the pressure. Your heart might beat faster, your hands will start sweating a bit and many thoughts are going to race through your mind. Never forget: You are human and your mistakes do not define who you are. Things might go bad and that’s not going to cost you your life. Stressing out is a waste of energy and mental focus. Stand your ground and act as you must to do your best.



  • 77 – After 10 minutes of work, ask about the break

Who said that jobs will always be fun? Boredom, exhaustion, discomfort, all of them will take your energy right out. Just make sure that you don’t give in and start whining after the first obstacles. Keep pushing forward. Many of us would love to work in a relaxing environment where it always feels like it’s break time. Sadly, real life demands work. Either you hold on and keep trying to do your job or start complaining and acting as if you gave up a long time ago (and look for a new job).


  • 66 – Call someone during your job time

Your job is what makes you earn the money you get. Sure, a short message, a little chat that will go unheard wouldn’t be such a big problem. Just make sure that when the break is over and you need to work, your focus is there and not somewhere else. Family emergency, sure. Friend calling to talk about the game last night, no. It’s disrespectful to your colleagues.



  • 55 – Hitting on coworkers 

So there you are, just sitting at your desk, and suddenly a beautiful girl passes by. She’s nice, kind, funny, smart and, most importantly, distracting. Sure, meeting people and making friends at work are normal things. Spending more time focusing on others and not on your responsibilities, not so good. Keep the flirting to the out of office hours.



  • 44 – Try to do it yourself

If ever there is a problem with your files, your PC, anything at your workspace, call someone for help. If this is your first job and you don’t have that much experience, asking for assistance is a sign that you are able to seek guidance. Learn from people that help you so that you  can help others in turn. It’s not about making it alone, it’s making it together as a team.



  • 33 – Say “I know that already”

Your colleagues at work might tell you things that you already have heard before. Listen to what they say no matter the subject. Besides, a recap of the information is never a bad thing.




  • 22 – Arriving late or leaving early

If there ever was a stamp with “Not serious!”, it would probably be used on the people that don’t respect their schedule. If you are working from nine to five, then do it. Be at your job 5-10 minutes early to get settled and get everything wrapped up just before five o’clock. The main idea is to respect the program.



  • 11 – Argue with a boss

This one is almost self explanatory. Yes, there are going to be different opinions that will clash from time to time. What needs to be kept in mind is that he has more experience and outranks you for the moment. Whether he is right or wrong is irrelevant. Be the better man and hold your frustration in, finding a better way of sharing your thoughts. Of course, there is a limit to this tolerance but remember that the alternative is to change your job. It all depends on what is more easy for you to do.



And there you have it. I hope this helped you young guys keep your new jobs. Good luck and have a brilliant day!


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