Apr 14, 2016

Top Ten Wii Games till 2016

Hey, it’s Mihai! I like the Wii. It’s literally a way to get us out of our gaming chairs and move around, as normal humans do. Here are ten games that might peak your interest in that regard.

Who knows, maybe you might even buy the console after reading what’s on the list! Not a sponsor ūüėÄ

  • cor10 –¬†Coraline

This is a very kids-oriented game but I love it all the same.

It is nice little adventure that taps into our silliness. If we think about it as a reviewer, it’s a very disappointing game, but as a kid and a fan of the original material we get to see it in a different light.

If a game was meant to be silly, why look too deep into it?


  • PZ29 – Project Zero 2

Taking pictures had never been more scary… well, for me. I never played the first Project Zero. ūüėõ

This is a very interesting game. Not only does it present an interesting fighting mechanic, it immerses us in a very different world. Using an old camera to capture spirits and banish their souls is a fantastic idea and can play with our paranoia throughout the game.

Makes you look closer at some family pictures, ha?

  • frstarwars8¬†–¬†Star Wars ‚Äď The Force Unleashed

I get it why some people don’t like this one, after all its PS3 counterpart is awesome. Even so, I find this game to be epic!

With some cool powers, a badass collection of costumes and several iconic characters, this Star Wars game is awesome.

The Force is strong with this one.


  • naruto7 –¬†Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution

Believe me when I say that this is a really fun game to play, especially with friends.

It is a classic fighting game with a wide selection of characters to choose from, a couple of interesting mini-games and a “story mode” that can keep you entertained for some time. Still, the best experience is had when playing against a friend.

You could also have up to four players in teams of two, but¬†I consider¬†the¬†“hot seat challenge” better. (where the winner get’s to play again¬†and the loser lets someone else try his luck)

  • FD6 – Fragile Dreams

An anime looking wii game… Oh my God!

It is a very story driven game that looks and feels alive. The characters are interesting and the lore peaks your interest from the moment you start the game.

There are some who might call this a boring experience, but for a curious spirit who is looking for new inspiration, this game is for you!


  • JD45 – Just Dance 4 Special Edition

Dancing is fun! It makes us exercise and puts us in a good mood if we couple it with a song that we like.

The Just Dance collection holds a tone of cool, funky and even crazy songs that might get stuck in your head. Keep in mind, this game in particular has the most varied collection of tracks I’ve seen so far. The song “Livin la Vida Loca” is one of my favorite songs that I danced too several times, even getting¬†the best score (five stars).


  • wswp4 – Wii Sports and Wii Play

Simple, clever and entertaining. Hey, who knew the first game for the Wii would be one of the coolest ones out there?

With 5 Sports and 9 Play games, you can appeal to any type of gamer. Tennis with my bro was one of the most challenging and most fun experiences I ever had to partake in.


  • IJ3 – Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings

When a¬†shadowy figure is seen upon the¬†wall and you can make out the shape of a¬†fedora, there is no thought about it. It’s¬†Indiana Jones!

With very few good IJ games out there, it’s impressive to see the Wii taking a shot at it and actually hitting bullseye. Interesting story, classic movie type dialogue and a couple of cool co-op mini-games (plus the old point-and-click adventure “Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis” added as bonus).

You need this in your Wii collection! Seriously!

  • MJ2 – Michael Jackson the Experience

Many of us still feel the loss of that fantastic artist. He is still with us through his music, his kindness and his talent to inspire others.

That being said, this dance game is a fantastic way of bringing him even closer to us. With several incredible songs and a nice set of tutorials for dancing, it is a well made experience for every Michael Jackson fan to enjoy.


  • SH1 – Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Oh my God… What a game!

It literally sent chills down my spine when I finished it. I never seen such a brilliantly planned out game on such a¬†limited console before. The fact that it takes a different approach to what the realm of Silent Hill could be; that the game actually changes in small ways according to the player’s personality; that a LEGIT analysis of the player is given at the end credits; all of them are mind-blowing!

My hat is off for the people at Climax Studios and to everyone involved in the making of this game. It is a gem that is worthy of it’s place on this list.


What are YOUR favorite Wii¬†games? Leave a comment, maybe I haven’t played the ones you suggest!


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