Apr 07, 2016

Top Ten Youtube channels you might like

And here we are again! It’s Mihai and I feel clever today. Why? Well, I just saw a couple of interesting videos from some very interesting youtube channels.

Seeing how “sharing is caring”, here are ten of the ones I think you might like! You can click on the names to go to their channels. Enjoy.

And no, I am not talking about the game.

A review on a game is vital for a customer. You don’t want to get your five year old daughter “Call of Duty”. If you are looking for an honest and fast critique on a game, Zero Punctuation is the best for it. Keep in mind to not let your five year old hear it though, the language is… diverse.


Four awesome shows in one nice bundle!

“Epic How To” offers very fun step-by-step tutorials on how to go about certain things. With a lot of EPIC information, it will change your life forever!

The show “Man at Arms” is a crafter’s dream come true. It is interesting to see how some very intriguing swords are created. The cherry on top is that you get to see the weapons in action.

“Prop Shop” is my favorite one because of how ingenious it can be with its creations. One moment you have a couple of cheap materials and some pens, the next you are playing with your Sonic Screwdriver while sitting on your very own Companion Cube.

For “Super Gamer Builds” there isn’t much to say yet. There are two episodes of it yet but I see a lot of promising content.

I like how some shows are on awesome locations and keep us glued to the screen with interesting scientific facts.

Veritasium is a good example of an immersive show that peaks your interest.



Now this is a guy who needs to be in a movie.

He is a fun and very clever entertainer. He does several top tens and “50 amazing facts to blow your mind”, has a couple of other channels and is one of the most active youtubers I’ve seen in some time.

All hail the knowledge whale! oohOOOOH!


The idea is so simple, I love it.

A cartoony show with serious discussions about games and the media itself. Starting out as a way of making the information easier to digest, the show’s style became a trademark. It is a very interesting show with a ton of cool facts and ideas that can be applied in real life as well.


Vanessa Hill is a brilliant writer and host. With a warm voice, she explains elements from psychology, neuroscience and other areas in a very clear way. The frame-by-frame animations are cute!

I hope she gets nicer comments than the ones she shared with us in one of her videos.



Lol, and here I was getting worried over nothing. 😛

Here is another very interesting and curious host that can keep our attention. The animations we see are well made and the information is fluid.



So many theories, so many jokes. A fantastic group of people have created incredible shows about the games we love and the movies we enjoy.

When you find yourself asking a silly question or wanting to find scientific solutions for game mechanics, The Game Theorists gotcha covered. If you want to learn and analyze old movies and understand what could be real and what is impossible, The Film Theorists are the best choice.

The opening theme is so darn catchy, I started singing it almost everywhere. My bro is starting to worry about me. Not only is this show a real hit, but there are a couple of cool facts of life you could learn along the way.

I am an older fan of the channel and respect both Rhett and Link. If my bro and I would have started an internet show instead of making movies, it would have been an honor to have them on our show.


“Videos that feed the curious and illuminate the amazing” – Vsauce

This is an incredibly good Youtube channel to look into. Michael, Jake and Kevin are the most interesting figures that offer us information-filled content in a mind-blowing way. Every episode feels unique and leaves us wanting to learn more.

Brain food never felt so good.


What are YOUR favorite interesting youtube channels? Leave a comment, maybe I haven’t heard of the ones you suggest!


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