Mar 28, 2016

Upcoming Tribute to the Blackwell Game Series

About a year ago, Mihai and I finished the fifth game in the Blackwell series by Dave Gilbert. We loved it so much that we decided to tackle a little tribute for it.

We got the permission from Dave himself to make a trailer of what would the series look like as a movie. Due to technical difficulties and lack of locations (and mostly time) it took us well beyond 14 months to finish the little project, but now we’re almost ready to show it off.

In case you want to know more about this game series, go here to Wadjeteye Games and tell them we sent you 😀 Keep checking the site as we’re almost done with the last shots and we’ll launch the trailer soon enough. It’s only a trailer, an idea, we’re not making an entire movie out of this… but if we had the budget for it, I think we’d do good.


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